Great job AND just in the nick of time!!!

We had a tree that bordered our property and our neighbours that looked precariously unbalanced. Being on Bournemouth's seafront, we were extremely concerned that the upcoming winter gales could cause the tree to come down on our house or even worse our neighbours. We also had the issue of being in Westcliff where every broadleaf tree is protected by a TPO.

Clarke's Tree Care did a fantastic job of removing the hassle of dealing with the council, reducing and balancing the crown of the tree, cleaning up the debris and taking away the large amount of unwanted wood. It was completed within 7 days and upon reflection we're really lucky to have had the work completed when we did as the it was only 2 weeks after the works were completed, that 80 mph winds were recorded in Bournemouth and the park behind our house had a storm damaged, unbalanced tree fall not 50 metres away from our tree!

A job well done and had Stuart not made it that simple to have the work completed, I suspect we wouldn't have got around to it in time. Sincerely, many thanks to Stuart and his team.

- Bournemouth

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A prompt, polite and very professional service. Nothing is too much trouble and always happy to help out. I would recommend them. - Repeat Customer in Bournemouth

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